A small hotel with only eight rooms, set amidst the lush nature of Shimogamo Shrine by the beautiful Kamogawa River.

In spring, wrapped in the scent of Yoshino cherry
In summer, cool down the Kamogawa River flowing steadily. 
In fall, receive the wind blowing through the thirty-six peaks of Higashiyama
In winter, in silence, the "Daimonji" of Higashiyama Nyoirigatake floating with white snow.

Kyoto, feeling with all five senses.
There are four seasons you can meet just because it is a little away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Traveling, eating, sightseeing, and how to spend, so that you live in the mood of the day.
A new and free way to enjoy Kyoto.

Aiming for a cozy hotel having full of hospitality in a high- quality space and flowing slowly .

Enjoy a quiet and intense day at Reverte Kyoto Kamogawa.

The hotel name "Reverte"
Inspired by the beautiful nature of the hotel, it was born from the French words “river” and “green”.

About the logo mark

The clear flow of "Kyoto Kamogawa" , " cherry blossoms along the river" and "cobblestone crossing Kamogawa " that bloom beautifully in the spring represent "connection" between people.
The goal is to build better bonds with our customers and be a hotel that will be loved forever .