Hotel staff will send you the seasonal topics, deals, delicious shops and recommended courses from Kyoto.




Prior to the launch of the plan, the hotel staff who had no yoga experience participated in a demo lesson the other day.
Kamogawa, yoga with the capital letters in front of you. Our staff seems to have been completely absorbed in yoga.

[Riverte Kyoto Kamogawa] The cherry blossoms along the Kamogawa in front of you are in full bloom.

The long-awaited cherry blossom season has arrived.
The cherry blossoms along the Kamogawa river facing the Riverte Kyoto Kamogawa River are in full bloom.
( Photographed on March 29, 2020)

Taken from Shin Aoi Bridge, right next to Riverte Kyoto Kamogawa
(Photographed on March 29, 2020)

Riverte Kyoto Kamogawa Room 302 balcony
Feel the spring in the breeze and enjoy the cherry blossoms while relaxing.
(Photographed on March 29, 2020)

[Kamobetsu Raijin Shrine (Kamimomo Shrine) Cherry Blossom Information] The cherry blossoms in front of the main shrine are in full bloom.

The Imperial Palace cherry blossoms and the Saio cherry blossoms have begun to change colors, but the cherry blossoms in front of the main shrine are in full bloom.

About 10 minutes by car from Riverto Kyoto Kamogawa to "Kamobetsu Raijin Shrine".
However, from now on, it is recommended to walk along the endless rows of cherry trees along the Kamogawa River.
(About 3.5 km)

[Information on cherry blossoms in front of Riverte Kyoto Kamogawa] Taken at 15:00 on Monday, March 23, 2020

The number of open flowers has increased compared to yesterday.

At Riverte Kamogawa, you can see cherry blossoms from all rooms.
(Some rooms have limited views of the cherry blossoms from rooms not facing Kamogawa)

[Beginning to bloom] Reverte Kyoto Kamogawa Sakura Information

A row of cherry blossom trees continues on the banks of Kamogawa, which faces Revelt Kyoto Kamogawa.
A place of relaxation for Kyoto citizens as well as tourists
Has become.

The cherry blossoms in front of Revelt Kyoto Kamogawa have also begun to bloom.
Come to Revelt Kyoto Kamogawa and enjoy the Kyoto in spring.
(Photo taken on March 22, 2020)

[Honmanji] Stunning weeping cherry

Soon Kyoto will be in the cherry blossom season.
Even in Kyoto where cherry blossoms bloom everywhere and cherry blossoms are indispensable, cherry blossoms are exceptionally splendid. It seems to be in full bloom a little earlier than the Yoshino cherry tree every year. Everyone who comes to Kyoto for cherry-blossom viewing. Don't miss Honmanji's weeping cherry! !

You can enter Motoyama Honmanji precinct freely, but reception at the temple office is from 10:00 to 16:00.

March 1 [Grand OPEN]

Revelt Kyoto Kamogawa March 1 was grand opening.

Some rooms that had been under pre-opening since November 2019 but were undergoing renovations have been refurbished, and have been grand-opened on March 1 as scheduled.

On the day of the event, the god of shrine, the god of Seiryu-cho, where Revelt Kamogawa was built, performed the rituals, and we prayed for the report of the opening of the business and the safety of our customers.
Along with the opening of the business, we were interviewed by BS TV Tokyo “Manufacturing Challengers”.
The broadcast date is undecided, but will be announced on this occasion once it is decided.
We were also interviewed by Weekly Hotel Restaurant Magazine.

[Kyoto with a unique Kyoto style] Delicious rice pot rice


京都風情が色濃くの残るその街で、さらの路地を一歩踏み入った場所にある「祇園新橋 中谷」さん。

The store is wrapped in a warm atmosphere that makes you feel like you have lived in Kyoto for a long time. Is it the effect of the coronavirus? There were many people who seemed to be regulars in the shop, but I could talk with my husband who likes to talk, the mood is completely familiar.

Sake garnish that full of seasonal feeling, yellowtail lees juice warms the body from the core.

It should be full, but the chopsticks don't stop on the earthen rice with the sweetness of the green onions, so I'm thinking about it.

Please come to Riverte Kyoto Kamogawa and enjoy the night of Kyoto.

Can you read [Kamamori-san] and [Popular Oyose]?

One of the shops visited by a hotel manager from Kanagawa who is searching for shops and recommended spots that can be recommended to customers every day has a kiln.
It is said that the people of Kyoto and Kyoto call this " Okudo-san " with a familiarity, and it is said to be called the Kyoto dialect  (there are various theories). The shop was still active and cooked rice using this Okudo-san, and it was delicious so that you would want to replace any number of cups.
An unfamiliar object (?) Is on the ceiling right after entering the same store.
That are  "Fukuzasa,"and  "Ninkiooyose"    according to storekeeper.
Kyoto Ebisu Shrine is performed before or after January 10 every year enjoy in the "ten days Ebisu" and "Fukuzasa,"and  "Ninkiooyose" . In particular, "Ninkiyose " has a lot of humanoids , and wishes that "a lot of people gather in a red umbrella (store)" and "a wide circle of people and people will become a expand ". I was told that there is. Toka Ebisu is also held in Osaka and Nishinomiya, but it seems that only "Kyoto" can get "Ninkiyose".

at "Kyoto cuisine Osamuhaku"                 In the last menu of the courses, you can have  Kamadosho using the rice that was hawk in's "shell charcoal bean paste Kakegohan" and able to is about 15 minutes by taxi from Riverte kyoto Kamogawa  

Come to the riverte Kyoto Kamogawa to experience Kyoto's unique culture.

[Now is the season] Beautiful weeping plum so breathtaking

A hotel manager who is searching for shops and recommended spots that can be recommended to customers every day has found another recommended SPOT. "Miya Jonan" from Riveruto Kamogawa Kyoto, about 40 minutes.

I did not know that there was such a beautiful plum as a manager raised in Kanto.
It seems to be crowded with many people every year, but ... I was able to enjoy it slowly.

Now is the season for plums earlier than usual.
Kyoto is also full of highlights of plum besides Jonangu. Come to Kyoto for love of beautiful nature and come to Riberito Kyoto Kamogawa.
(Photo taken on February 17)

15,000 runners ran in front of the hotel

February 16 (Sun) is the Kyoto Marathon.
In front of the hotel is the 31 km point of the Kyoto Marathon. The toilet of the hotel was opened to supporters and volunteers by the idea of a manager who was also a runner .
Runners, this was not the best weather this time, but we look forward to seeing you again next year.
"I couldn't run because of the lottery this time, but next year I want to run in front of the hotel as a runner (manager talks)"

[Recommended by manager] "Morning activity" to enjoy delicious and dignified atmosphere in Kyoto of spring magic

It's Kyoto, where the plum blossoms are beginning to blossom, even after the fall of spring.
On February 9th (Sunday), the snow repeated and cleared in the morning.

Among the weather to change such a dizzying pace, the shops and recommendations spot that can be recommended to the customer hotel manager you are searching every day, transmission of a secret from father to a son "Hisagotei egg" is the famous Michelin 3 star star shop "Hisagotei" Ms. I went to get the specialty "Morning".

About 10 minutes by taxi from the hotel. In front of "Hyotei Bettei", taxis arrived one after another in the morning .
Go through the noren with the trademark gourd drawn into the store.
In the warm room, you can enjoy delicious food with your eyes first, then turn your eyes out of the window and the snow will shimmer.
It is a luxury only at this time to see such a scenery .
The small bowl centered on "Hyotei egg" was delicious as rumored!
"Miso soup of white miso" with a slightly impressive sweetness.
The manager from the Kanto region has a strong feeling of being in Kyoto with this white miso soup.
The famous morning gauze with a gentle flavor is 2 cups full of teacups.
I was able to eat it with a delicious taste and make my body and mind feel very warm.
By the time you leave the shop, you will be at the designated country scenic spot “Murin-an” next to the snow.
It seems to have been used here as a villa of Yuho Yamagata, who was the third Prime Minister.

On this cold day, the visitors are sparse and almost lent.
The gardener listens to the explanation of the garden, and the view from the main building, which also has a café, has a dignified beauty with the view of Higashiyama borrowed, and the spine grows.
Furniture furniture actually used at the time was displayed in the Western-style building remaining on the premises, and it was satisfactory.
When you leave Murin-an, it is just lunch.
In the "Kyoto Winter Campaign" campaign, you can enjoy the winter Kyoto even further by visiting "Ryokanji" and "Chion-in" who are specially open to private cultural assets , It is good to have "yu-tofu" at Nanzenji gate.
It is a recommended course for managers who can make you feel very happy from morning.
Please come to Revelt Kyoto Kamogawa and enjoy Kyoto in the morning of spring magic .